My first 10km and new check point

Several time I attempted to run my first 10km but failed. To do so, I have to venture out of the neighborhood to somewhere unknown and that scare me. So I didn’t run farther than Sha Yin Bridge and 8k was the farthest I could get. 

Tonight, to cope the unreasonable fear of stepping out the comfort zone, I ran 2 laps in the park near home before started my usual route to Sha Yin Bridge. 

It turned out I didn’t reach 5k when arrived Sha Yin Bridge so I aimed for another bridge. It was really dark there because it was near the industrial district where the road would be lonely and deserted after dark, especially on weekend. 

It was 10.2km in 1hr 20 mins after running back home. I have completed the challenge for July. 

By the end of August, I aim to complete a 2hr run, regardless of distance. 

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