Everybody is taking photos

I visited the Railway Museum today and found that I couldn’t be a blogger I wished to be.

It was the formal Tai Po Market station which had been relocated a km away many years ago. There is a exhibition hall displaying the history of the station and the kind of trains running at that time.

The attraction is the railway and the old trains compartments on it. Everybody is  taking photos when I am immersing myself in the beautiful view. I like the trees next to the train. I like the shades the tree provided. I like the shadows of the branches casting on the rocky railway. I like the difference of the hues of the rocks. I like the paintings on the old building and I wonder what it means. There is a bat on the top of which I think it symbolizes luck and protection. There are some plants underneath but I can’t figure out the meaning. When I stood still trying the decode the paintings, there were constant “excuse me” shooting my way. I blocked their view the people trying to capture on their phones. Therefore I took out my phone and snapped some photos just to show that I was not mean to a view blocker.

The bat on the roof.
It’s a beautiful afternoon
The only compartment that no one is posing for photo
I like the shadow

It seems you can’t just stand there and enjoy the view and NOT taking photos nowadays.

I don’t like taking photos when sightseeing. It’s just not my thing. I don’t think I could produce a blog that full of lovely photos, but that’s okay. It still my thing showing my nature.

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