I crossed that bridge

Heavy rain persisted for a week and I have not gone for a run for 6 days. When I resumed my routine on Wednesday, I didn’t feel very good. I ran for 4km with difficulties. I swear I wouldn’t stop running this long in the future. 

Yesterday night was a clear night. I went out after dinner. Surprisingly, the air was not as stuffy as expected and the road already dried from the rain of the afternoon. My legs were light and the ran went very smoothly. 

I considered crossing that bridge. I have thought of it before but never have done it. First of all, the other side of the river is too dark for my liking. Secondly, I would need to cross another bridge again 50 meters ahead to get back on track. That side of river cannot lead me home. However, I want to do something new tonight, considered that I am in shape to ran extra meters and I could see many runners on that side. The road was not lonely. 

And I am happy I finally crossed that bridge. It was not as dark as I thought. It was not lonely as I thought. It did not cost as much energy as I thought. Sometimes, most of times, we imagine obstacles that never exist and stop ourselves to move forward. I am glad I have tried that road (but may not try it again. Although it was not as dark as I imagined, it was still too dark to watch my steps).

Since I ran extra to cross the bridge, I made a new running record (and disappointedly found that it was just 200 metets more than usual). 

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