Purple Cow : 3 key takeaways

I have quoted Permission Marketing by Seth Godin in my last assignment but I never really read one of his books. My bad. 

One of the video lecture of Content Marketing recommended Purple Cow, said it is a book about special positioning. It intrigues me. Positioning is all about doing something special that none of your competitors are doing. So what is special positioning? Luckily there is one copy at the nearest library, the one I usually visit. And here it is. 

It’s a small book, with only 150 pages. It aggregates from the posts on Seth Godin blog, so it’s not like any academically written marketing text book and in fact very easy to read. 

Seth offered so many easy-to-follow take away in the books but I would like to talk about 3 key points.

1. Be remarkable

Innovate remarkable product. Being authentic.  If your product is truly remarkable, sneezer (early adoptor) would talk about it to friends. Stand out like purple cow. The opposite of remarkable is very good. Don’t settle for very good. Push your to the level of remarkable. Always ask yourself: would you recommend the product or service to friends, why and why not. Test, fail and test again. 

2. Otaku

It’s my favourite. Otaku is a passion above hobby but not as fierce as obsession. I think all the successful businessmen have one thing in common: be otaku of what they sell to customer. If you start a company, introduce a product or service, just to make sales, it will hinder you from seeing what customer truly needs. Being otaku means you wholeheartedly devote and believe what you are selling and constantly think of ways of improvement just to increase customer satisfaction. 

3. Safe is risky 

That’s very common in workplace and in life. Especially when you have a taste of success, you may want to repeat what you have done in hope to replicate the success. When is the last time you try something new. It’s very important to move forward or your competitors will be ahead of you. Play safe would risk your current market position. The world and consumers are constantly changing. Keep pace with them. Try new things with them.

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