New running record!

Running is alluring. I have already lost count on the days of my running challenge. I have a packed day and am a bit worn out. Still, I desperately want a run. It’s like a day isn’t complete without a run. Is it safe that I have developed a running habit?

Tonight I made a new record. The longest running time of 50:34. I believe I have had run longer than that but the app told me so I have no objection to celebration.


Usually I would stick to the neighborhood running laps if running at night instead of exploring new route. Tonight my feet think difference. They took me to Lek Yuen Bridge again, where the route to it I thought is dark, lonely and dangerous. It turn out quite a popular running spot that I nearly collide with other runners. It’s not as lonely as I thought to run at night here.

The river side track is equally fascinating  in a different way at night time. I wouldn’t have walk this far but it’s different when I run. It’s like my feet have their own will and where they took me is always surprising.


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