New visit @ Inventing Le Louvre

Have lunch with Vivian at a new Japanese restaurant before visiting the new exhibition “Inventing Le Louvre” @Heritage Museum. Located at the edge of Tai Wai, the environment is nice, staff friendly and helpful, portion big enough to feed mui mui and me. Food is good but not remarkable. It is worth to visit wih friend again but will not go there alone since it’s a bit expensive.


The walk to the Heritage Mesume is blissful. With trees hovering overhead and soft wind blowing from the river, a short walk under the protection of shade is suprising enjoyable. It’s free to admit to the exhibition with the Museum Year Pass. It’s quite a crowd for a week day.


I want to say I enjoy the exhibition but I didn’t. With meager knowledge to France history I don’t know what’s the story behind each exhibit. There is not enough explanation on leaflet and on wall. It would be wise to join a tour but we must have miss the time as we see no tour around. They exhibit a tile from the ruin of the old palace but without further explanation, a tile is just a tile. You know what I mean. I hope it’s different at the Mummy exhibition at Science Museum.

The walk back home with mui mui sleeping in my arms is eqaully pleasant. The credit goes to the shades and breeze. I almost forget it’s blazing hot outside my little bubble.

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